Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Calling All Librarians

I love this cartoon. How undersung are the world's librarians, the true search engines who never give us error messages like "access denied." Whenever I'm doing research and I call a librarian with some bizarre question, she or he will always say, "That's interesting. Let me get back to you." And they always do.

So hurrah for librarians everywhere!

Note: Are you a librarian? Would you like to receive some info about my new book, Madeline Mann? If so, e-mail me at and I'll send it out!

If you're not a librarian, stop by your local library this nice May Day and enjoy its special atmosphere.



Lesa said...

Thanks for the salute to librarians, Julia! It's always welcome. (smile)

Lesa Holstine (who for years refused to be called a Branch Manager since I was a "Librarian". Now I refer to myself as a "Library" manager.)

Julia Buckley said...

Hi, Lesa! What, people are averse to the term librarian? Isn't that closer to acknowledging your actual degree?

Unknown said...

I have to pass that cartoon on to my mother, the librarian. If you want to hear some funny stories, take your friendly librarian out for a drink. One of my favorites is the foot fetishist who followed her around the library, asking if she would remove her shoes so he could sketch her feet (she does have nice ankles).

Julia Buckley said...

That's a great story, Bob (in a weird way). I've never been a librarian, but I did work in a bookstore, often late at night, and boy did the odd ones come out after ten o'clock. But they all let me keep my shoes on. :)