Thursday, May 10, 2007

Try Not To Envy My Glamorous Life

I took the day off of work today so that I can catch up with my grading; therefore I am sternly only allowing myself about five minutes for blogging. The research papers are, refreshingly, quite good, but they still take forever to grade. In between clusters of papers I am trying to clean my house (no small task, I assure you) because my littlest son makes his First Communion this Sunday, and we shall have people over. Naturally there is the desire to prove to them that I do not live in a filthy, sloppy environment, which means I must clean my filthy, sloppy environment.

My husband and I are darting around, wondering what to do first, intimidated in the way that, perhaps, some ancient workers were when they looked over the plans for the Pyramids. The dog and cat keep winding around our legs, confused as we are.

So back I go to the sheaf of papers, and perhaps I'll multitask by vacuuming while I read.


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