Saturday, June 09, 2007

Celebrating One Year in the Blogosphere

On June 3rd I officially marked one year of blogging on Mysterious Musings. Hurrah! In that time I have chatted with many new friends via the comment section and interviewed a total of 88 people. I began blogging rather reluctantly, but I am a convert to this form of expression and communication.

I hope that those of you who read it will keep reading and let me know what you'd like to discuss. Thanks for your visit! Here's your glass of cyber champagne: Y


Eric Mayer said...

Congratulations! Thats a heck of a lot of interviews not to mention entries. Try not to burn yourself out!

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Eric! That's good advice--now I just have to overcome my own obsessive nature. :)

Anonymous said...

Whew! 88 interviews when there are only 52 days in a year. My first job out of college was as a newspaper reporter, and as the new inexperienced person they try to get you experienced by overwhelming you with "reporting." I don't think I had 88 interviews in a year. And, to think that you still have full-time teaching, writing and mom jobs. You are to be commended, but you should rest and recharge this summer.
Mary Beth

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Mary Beth! The number will certainly never be that high again. I was a little addicted at the beginning.

Why are there only 52 days in a year? Am I missing something? :)

Anonymous said...

You are not missing anything...just too early for me on a Sunday morning!
Mary Beth

ERiCA said...

Yay for a full year of blogging! Wow!!! =)

LOL re: 52 days in a year =)

anne frasier said...

congratulations, julia! i don't come over here enough, but i love your blog. you picked an idea, stuck with it, and now you have this wonderful, wonderful collection of interviews.

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Anne! And I love the pics of your new place on your blog. How awesome to start fresh.

My dad just came over to assess my house for a possible paint job this summer, and he kept looking at it like he thought it should be condemned. He suggested moving to a condo. :)