Sunday, November 09, 2008

Attending a Dog Wedding

Here's something I never thought would happen: my beagle received a marriage proposal a couple of weeks ago because a nearby town was holding a mass "dog wedding" in order to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. They hoped for the most participants, and there were many people with costumed dogs at the event yesterday. This delicate mini Doberman is Bina, my beagle's intended. She didn't care much for him--and in her defense, he was atrocious for the entire ceremony.

Some beagly instinct told him that this ceremony would, apparently, result in his death, and he bucked and strained on his leash the entire time, often emitting horrible belching sounds. Little Bina sat quietly in her veil and tried not to make eye contact. This is the danger of an arranged marriage.

Bina's owner, a filmmaker, was there to record the event and possibly turn it into a "mockumentary." There was certainly much fodder for humor. I'll write more tomorrow on Poe's Deadly Daughters, but just now I have to go grade papers!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! I kind of wish I had never seen that photo!!

Julia Buckley said...

Oh, I have more. Each more horrifying than the last. :)

My dog wore nothing but his fur; my sons would accept no other alternative. He was the least "fashionable" dog at the event, but perhaps felt he had retained his dignity. Except he lost that with his bad behavior.

Picks by Pat said...

Trust the doggy instincts. They must know something we don't.

Julia Buckley said...

Yes--funny how they can sniff out absurdity. :)