Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mystery Men I Have Loved

There have been many fictional characters who have stolen my heart. Hundreds, perhaps. But number one might have to be Lew Archer, Ross MacDonald's flawed and lonely detective, who, like Philip Marlowe before him, did his best to clean up L.A.

What if someone (by a huge stretch of the imagination) asked me to cast Lew Archer today? Here are some of my choices.

Bryan Cranston has proved he can play a goofball on Malcolm in the Middle and received award nominations for his performances, but he's earned his Emmys for the much more serious Breaking Bad. (Cranston image link here). Cranston has the depth to capture the sometimes haunted nature of Lew Archer, the lone crusader for right in a city full of wrong.

On the other hand, Greg Kinnear, who is generally movie star handsome (link here), has shown in his distinguished career that he is willing to play characters with depth and soul, characters who age and reveal their flaws because doing so is inevitable. Kinnear's ability to be painfully human would make him a good choice for Archer.

How's my casting? Who would you choose?

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