Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jovan Mosely and The Long Way Home

I was privileged today to hear a presentation by Jovan Mosely and Laura Caldwell about Jovan's horrifying experience of unjust incarceration. Laura Caldwell wrote a book about Jovan's experience, and about the two female attorneys who worked to have him exonerated.

Jovan spent 48 hours in an interrogation room with no chance for food or a bathroom break.

He was coerced into signing a document which alleged he committed a crime of which he was innocent.

He was not provided with legal representation for five months.

He spent six years in jail before he was finally given the trial that ultimately exonerated him.

He is sad, but not bitter, about this experience. He subsequently earned a degree from Loyola University and is getting ready to take his LSATs.