Saturday, March 10, 2007

Congratulations to a Fellow Inker

Hurrah for Bill Cameron, who got his author's copies of his book in the mail for his very first mystery novel! Huzzah, Bill!

What a wonderful feeling that is, to touch the glossy cover and marvel at your name on the side. Bill, how will you celebrate? Are you going to Disney World?


Bill Cameron said...

From the looks of my eyes, I'm celebrating with beer!

Actually, I just couldn't seem to cope with the flash bulb.

Julia Buckley said...

Yeah, right. Beer.

Anywho, can I now get my hands on your book in my local book emporium?

Bill Cameron said...

Officially April 1. That copy in my hand is just one of the first ones in to MI.

Brian Farrey said...

Bill is red.

Julia Buckley said...

And if one is green with envy, what is one red with?