Friday, August 29, 2008

Ingrid Bergman's Birth and Death

The beautiful Ingrid Bergman was born on this day in 1915; she died on the same date in 1982, on her 67th birthday.

One of my favorite mystery movies is Gaslight, for which Bergman won an Oscar. The 1944 George Cukor film starred Bergman as the haunted Paula Alquist, unknowingly persecuted by her husband, the sinister Gregory Anton (played by Charles Boyer). I fell in love with Joseph Cotton for being the cop who didn't think Paula was crazy.

I once blogged about the "Gaslight effect" in my own life; if you enjoyed the movie you might like to read it here.

Bergman won another Oscar in 1956 for Anastasia, but of course she may be best remembered for her role in the classic Casablanca, in which she starred with Humphrey Bogart.

You can learn more about Bergman and the highlights of her career at the official Ingrid Bergman website.


pattinase (abbott) said...

GASLIGHT is one of the scariest movies for me. She was brilliant in everything because she worked so hard in an era when many actors just read their lines.

Julia Buckley said...

Really! And yet look at the way she was punished by the public for doing something that practically every starlet does nowadays. I think she had a really bum rap.

And by the end of Gaslight, I want to murder Charles Boyer myself.

Moanerplicity said...

She was quietly electric in most everything she did. Yes, she was a great NATURAL beauty, and yet Gaslight showcased her skills as a peerless actress, especially the things she did with her silences, using only her eyes and her mouth to depict fear, confusion, embarrassment, terror and finally deception. Ingrid Bergman was one of a kind.


Julia Buckley said...

I so agree. Even as an older actress she possessed such elegance and charm. I miss her.