Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Qi Gong and Writing

The Chinese practice of Qi Gong is a wonderful combination of meditation, exercise, and yoga-like stretching. It is a workout for the mind and for the body.

I've been practicing Qi Gong since the New Year, and it's guaranteed to lift my spirits; even if I'm not in the best mood when I begin, I always feel great when I finish.

As a writer, I find that the benefits of Qi Gong extend to my mental alertness. The creative well is deeper after a fitness session.

An added perk is that I am stronger, my muscles tighter, after a few weeks of Qi.

So any readers and writers looking at this--give it a try. A basic run through the motions is only eighteen minutes, and it might be the most rewarding eighteen minutes of your day!

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Qigong is an excellent exercise and yoga practice for physical and mental relief and freshness. It opens the mind with fresh and creative ideas for writing and helps improve thinking and writing skills.