Friday, March 18, 2011

Brett Battles and THE SILENCED

Brett Battles, thriller writer, hard-working dad and friend of this blog (see Brett Battles interview at right) has come out with another exciting Jonathan Quinn adventure. This time out, Quinn, a "cleaner," must find a body hidden in a wall in London twenty years ago--before the building is demolished. But that's just the beginning of Quinn's problems . . .

What I like about Battles' novels is that he often begins from a female point of view. Therefore, a woman like me, who might be reluctant to pick up the book because I think it's somehow a man's tale, will be lured in by the female character and her dilemma, and then I'm just caught by the narrative.

I haven't yet finished THE SILENCED, but I greatly enjoyed SHADOW OF BETRAYAL, the third Quinn adventure, and Battles really seems to be hitting his stride with this series.

Next on the reading pile: Donna Leon's A QUESTION OF BELIEF. I have never read a Commissario Brunetti mystery, and my mystery friends think less of me for it. Donna Leon was in my town a few years ago, and I didn't go to see her because I'd never read her work (foolish, I know). I'm sure once I read this I'll regret that decision.

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