Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Version of an Old Favorite

Anyone familiar with me or this blog knows that I love the suspense novels of Mary Stewart, and have various dusty versions of all of her titles. But I've mentioned before that Chicago Review Press is releasing selected Stewart titles, the latest of which is this lovely version of The Moonspinners, one of Stewart's trilogy of novels set in Greece.

This isn't my favorite Stewart book, but since I love them all that's not a very harsh criticism. In it Stewart displays her passion for Greece (she once said that she visited there and "fell in love" with the country) and its various terrains. Stewart is particularly good with setting and description, and she describes a Crete that is wildly beautiful but also sinister and rough.

The windmill on the cover, Stewart fans will recall, plays a part in the story and in the description, since windmills dot the landscape and create a backdrop to the intrigue and suspense.

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