Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Walking Dead and Godot

The cinematographer of tonight's THE WALKING DEAD was undoubtedly influenced somewhere along the line by WAITING FOR GODOT. In Beckett's play, the two characters fluctuate between hope and despair in a world devoid of companionship and an existence that has become questionable. Why even exist at all? They continually contemplate suicide, but they always opt to wait for one more day.

Vladimir repeatedly asks, "Will night never come?" And it does come, rapidly, with a giant moon that ascends a blue-black sky.

THE WALKING DEAD presents a similar existential landscape, and each week the despairing characters opt to wait one more day rather than give in to their fear of a new and unnatural world.

And tonight we were presented with the silhouettes of two men against a blue-black sky, under a giant white moon. Like Beckett's Didi and Gogo, Rick and Shane have been pushed to the edge in a world they do not understand. They question meaning, and they face each other against a stark landscape in a final showdown.

Anyone else notice this parallel?

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