Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bedtime Reading That Keeps Me Awake

My current reading on the bedside table is Jill McGown's PLOTS AND ERRORS. I'm slowly re-reading all of McGown's work as my own special tribute to her memory. The wonderful thing is that it's been long enough since I read them that I've forgotten Whodunnit, and therefore it's a pleasure to try to work it out all over again. I'm hoping to finish Plots and Errors this weekend--McGown has me stumped so far, partly because she inundates the reader with so many delicious details that it's hard to decide which are the important ones.

Waiting in the bedtime wings is Chester Campbell's THE SUREST POISON, which I got today. The cover is gorgeous, and the title references Emerson, who called time "the surest poison," as Chester pointed out on this blog a few posts ago

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