Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bouchercon Six: Fun People, Fun Place

This man, lit so romantically in a Madison restaurant called Ovations, is DL's own David Skibbins, with whom I had the pleasure of dining on Friday evening. David has kindly agreed to do a blog interview in the near future, so we can all be looking forward to that. And maybe I can get him to do a Tarot reading.
Here's a motley crew: Anne Frasier (the mentor of Bill Cameron), Russel Maclean of Crimescene Scotland, and the man they call Tribe. Russel shares my love for the Badger Badger Badger song.
Brian Skupin and Kate Stine were kind enough to pose for me in the book room, where they were selling, among other things, back issues of Mystery Scene to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Kate will also be a visitor on the blog in the near future.
Jess Lourey shares her signing with a small purple elephant. This was the last photo I took before heading back to Chicagoland. To Jess's left is Julie Hyzy, a fellow Chicago mystery writer. Jess, of course, comes from the frozen Northlands of Minnesota.

This picture turned out too dark, but I had to include it, since it WOULD have been a nice shot of Barbara Moore of Midnight Ink, who I was thrilled to meet at long last, and Deb Baker, my new pal, author of Murder Passes the Buck.


anne frasier said...

julia, it was fantastic meeting you! one of the highlights of my trip!

Julia Buckley said...

It was great meeting you, Anne! And I'm sorry I misspelled your name--I am fixing it immediately.

Good luck with the new book (and with the mentoring).

Bill Cameron said...

I gotta say, and not just because I'm one of them, but Midnight Inkies are cool!

And I will try to behave for Anne.


Julia Buckley said...

Inkies. That's cute.

How was Anne's cd, by the way?