Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ah, The Midwest!

We got socked with snow again today; the roads were nearly undriveable at rush hour, which is complicated by the fact that many suburbs are already out of road salt. The yearly allotments were used up several storms ago, but ol' man winter keeps sending it down.

In a way it's a nostalgic thing, a Midwestern thing, because these storms bring back images of the snows of my childhood, and we mark our memories with the big blizzard winters.

But this winter wins with the sheer number of snows, and it is starting to get a bit tedious: the shoveling, the scraping, the fishtailing our way to work.

Still, we agreed that we prefer this to extreme heat. I guess that's the Midwesterner in us. :)


Anonymous said...

I live in Western New York, and I hate the winters. But the thought of leaving this area leaves me...well, cold. I can't imagine living in a place with no seasons. The joy of finding those first few daffodil points every March. The snowdrops and crocuses. The way the trees start to bud in February and the way the leaves are always out in full by May 12th--guaranteed. The long summer evenings and fireflies near the bay. The firey displays of color that the maples put on every autumn. And that first soft snowfall (preferably on a weekend so it doesn't disrupt travelers).

Yup, I hate the long, cold winters, but I'm staying put.

Julia Buckley said...

That's beautiful, Lorraine!

And I so agree with you.