Friday, May 22, 2009

Savoring My Swingline

This might expose the very depths of my nerdliness, but I got myself a special reward today for completing my sixth graduate school English course. It's a red Swingline stapler, gorgeous and heavy as a murder weapon.

What people who don't always use staplers might not realize is that the average stapler today is a cheap piece of crap. It lasts maybe a year and then it jams closed, or loses springs, or simply passes away in the night, never to provide its one function again. (By cheap I mean cheaply made; all staplers are more expensive than they should be).

But while I was out seeking graduation gifts I saw this red beauty and the sign that said "half off" and decided that this would be the trophy I presented myself.

Meanwhile I'm looking for things to staple, so if you have a stack of papers, drop on by. :)


Eric Mayer said...

When I did a fanzine I printed the sheets with a spirit duplicator and then I had to collate and staple every copy so I appreciate a good, solid stapler!

Congrats on the course!

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Eric.

What was the fanzine? Yes, we daily staplers understand the importance of good stapler technology. :)

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

methinks 'tis a beautiful stapler! and the next time I'm feeling the need for a little red in my life - why by golly, it just might be the sister to your swingline! 'cause you're right, they do NOT make staplers like they used to! Seriously. You deserved a gift, sweetie - I firmly believe in gifting ourselves to let us know how very special we are. Good for you!

Julia Buckley said...

Why thanks, Kaye! I recommend it. I'm not the type to buy shoes (as my fashion-conscious students will tell you), so this seemed the most appropriate thing. :)

Alan Orloff said...


You are so right. A good stapler (and a good hole punch) are worth their considerable weights in gold.

Julia Buckley said...

Yes! Glad to hear I'm not alone. I am still loving it today--this was not a stapler infatuation. :)