Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Monday

For some people "happy" and "Monday" are mutually exclusive, and there are days that they are for me, too. But today is exciting for a few reasons. First, I begin all new classes. Sort of a clean slate psychology there. Second, I've had some nice exchanges in the book business lately that I'd like to mention.

I got a lovely e-mail from Robert Fate last night. I loved Baby Shark and in fact have a lot of theories about where the series might be going. Bob told me, via e-mail, that he read and enjoyed my book and wanted to tell me how beautiful my writing was. LOVE him.

I finished Hope McIntyre's book, How to Marry a Ghost, and thought it was terrific. Really hard to put down, especially for the last 100 pages. LOVE her, too.

Bob Morris was kind enough to send me an ARC of Bermuda Schwartz, and I am getting ready to begin. He signed it "For Julia, who gives great interview," and I'm inordinately pleased about that. Sort of like I'm in high school and the captain of the football team spoke to me in the hall. Never mind that I'm 42 and spend most of my time driving my children around town and telling them at various volumes that the house is messy.

Right now I'm just enjoying an unexpected perk of having written a book--the people that I've met, the talents to which I've been exposed, with the added knowledge that they're not just names on covers; they're real people, inevitably warm and kind.

Like the ladies with whom I've joined a blog called Poe's Deadly Daughters. Check them out at Here are some more women that I've gotten to know--especially Sandra Parshall and Lonnie Cruse--and their books, too, were great fun to read and highly suspenseful. I'll never run out of books to read, not with so many people to recommend them.

So that's something to smile about this Monday morning.

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