Friday, January 05, 2007

How The Stomach Flu Hinders Mystery Writing

Is this not unbelievable? First the dreadful cold, now the horrible flu. And all over Christmas break, the "relaxing" time of year. :0

I blame this unnaturally warm weather. So many viri, so many inviting hosts.

I did, before I succumbed to the evil, have a meeting with my Writer's Group last night. They liked my draft of the novel, but of course had many suggestions which will help me greatly. More on that later.

Now I have a date with some ice water and a soft couch.


Anonymous said...

Must be going around amongst the truly talented? J. T. Ellilson is sick, and so am I. I suggested she try pizza. That's what I had for lunch. I'm sure it's better than chicken soup. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs, Lonnie

Julia Buckley said...

This is really knocking me down--like I can imagine what death feels like. :0

poonam reddy said...

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