Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Elaine Viets Book Tour

Mystery writer Elaine Viets, who has recently suffered a stroke (but is expected to recover, thank goodness), will not be able to go on tour for her new book, MURDER WITH RESERVATIONS, which is available soon.

I met Elaine for only about thirty seconds at Bouchercon, but she seemed like a friendly and fun person, and like everyone who has heard about her unexpected ill health, I'd like to do my share to talk up her new book and help it on its way into people's homes.

Click on the link to get some information about Elaine's book tour by proxy! More on this next month.
Elaine Viets


Shannon said...

Hey Julia,

I'll be sending something about Elaine on my blog soon too.

I've tried emailing you a couple of times now regarding something on Dorothy-L but they keep bouncing back. Are you having probs with your email?

Julia Buckley said...

Hi, Shannon!

I don't think I have mail problems--I got tons of letters today. If it's not going through, I also have a website e-mail that's

Maybe it's just a one-day thing? My server or yours?