Friday, April 06, 2007

Travel Post 2: The Hula Girl Visits South America

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the single most commonly photographed part of my husband's trip was this lovely and mostly-naked young woman. If I had to guess the location of this resort, I would of course have said Hawaii, but this is in good ol' Argentina, which Evita told not to cry for her.
Jeff tells me that at each vineyard/estate they visited, local entertainers would perform for the tourists, and these costume-clad people were demonstrating some of the local customary dances.
The gentleman who hired them, it seems, is a wealthy landowner with vineyards on both sides of the Andes Mountains and palatial estates to prove his success.
Naturally, Jeff enjoyed all of the entertainment, but the preponderance of cute young girl photos reveal that men, in general, are not mysterious at all. :)

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