Thursday, April 12, 2007

We Suffer a Reversal

As promised, we went off for our two day spring escape, into the beautiful wilds of Michigan (but near to resorts) :) This first photo was the view from our cabin window.
And this was the driveway to our little retreat. Things couldn't have been going better: beautiful woods, great directions that got us there quickly, the excitement and anticipation of us all.
We even had idyllic moments like this, where the boys fed ducks in the little resort town. We were all running around in sweatshirts or fleece jackets, and we planned to hike and shop and wander all the next day. And then, THIS:
Same driveway, one day later, but a whole different season. And though you can't tell from this photo, it's still coming down, and it came down ALL DAY LONG. The roads were so obscured that we were unwilling to go too far from our remote cabin, for fear that we would be snowed OUT--that is, away from our luggage. So we went boldly into town, ate a quick meal, and then made our slow and mostly blind way back. We holed up in the cabin for the rest of the day and night. Not exactly the plan, but it was a sweet little cabin.
So our spring break photos look like this.

Did I get any writing done? About two pages, which I suppose isn't bad. I'm guessing that very few successful writers ever had children, at least not children they didn't lock in the cellar or attic. Graham got a slingshot as a souvenir (his choice) and he spent almost the entire time launching little spongy balls around the house. Not the most inspirational environment for a writer, unless my book were to be called CUT IT OUT!

Still, I can't say it wasn't a fun vacation. And we're hoping to check out the cabin again in summer.


Anonymous said...

Wow. At least you can bet the kids will remember it! I did see that snow track across Michigan. That missed us but we might get a foot over the weekend. I hope not. Spring? He smiled, but it wasn't a nice smile.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Eric - your family will be talking about that visit for a LONG time. What a contrast.

And great pictures, both before and after.

Julia Buckley said...

You are right, Eric and Deborah. It has given us much to talk about. And our boys have amazing memories, so even after I have long forgotten it, I'm sure they'll still have it, pristine and intact, as a fond vacation story.