Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The New Regimen Update

It's spring, and it's time for me, the sedentary writer, to re-assess my new health regimen (you know, the one I posted about, where I was going to be in better shape in thirty days?). Here's a sad fact: I'm still pretty sedentary, thanks to my love of writing, reading, and sitting in front of this computer. We just had spring break, during which we went to restaurants and I ate like King Henry the VIII. And now I sort of look like him, too.

So it's time to re-assess, to put this body into motion before it fossilizes to the chair, and to try to pretend that I don't love food. Supporters, please come back and give me your diet/exericise tips. I have fallen off the horse and I need to get back on.

This bunny shall be my first cheerleader. :)


Anonymous said...

Me, too. Sigh. I've decided I'm probably not going to greatly change my eating, so I have to change my moving, as in more of it. Unfortunately, other than cleaning house at night rather than sitting watching tv, I haven't done much of that either.

Anonymous said...

Right now the Catholic Exercise Program is working for me... I joined my local health club and then my friend Rene joined too - because I did. Now I feel responsible to get us both there. Guilt is driving me to go work out when I really don't want to.

Catholic guilt can be an asset, if you know how to use it ;-)

Julia Buckley said...

Oh, Deborah, I know. I actually THINK about exercising all the time. I envy those ultra hyper people who can't go twenty minutes without wanting to run or skip or jump. I could sit still FOREVER. That is, in many ways, some unfortunate DNA.

Julie, I must not be that good a Catholic, because I'm not guilty enough. I have lots of generalized guilt, so maybe I just need to get more specific with it. I did join Curves last summer and that went really well, but the minute I went back to work it just became less feasible to make the regular jaunts to the gym.

So: more movement, and a more clarified guilt. Gotcha. :)

Anonymous said...

1. Even if you don't have a regular exercise program, be sure you walk 1,000 steps a day...sounds like a lot, but you'll be surprised.
2. Don't buy the cookies, candies, pasteries, bagels, etc. If they are not around, you won't be able to eat them.
3. Cut out pop and juices...they are full of sugar.
4. Eat only lean protein, lots of fruits and veggies and yogurt.
You will look good and feel like you have lots of energy by doing these simple things!
BTW, I'm the Dandola fan. I live close enough to Forest Park that I might visit the bookstore mentioned in your blog.

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks! That is sensible advice which I need to repeat like a mantra. Funny how we have these blind spots where we simply refuse to be sensible.

Yes, if you like mysteries you'd enjoy a trip to Centuries and Sleuths; Augie has a terrific selection, although I'll have to check if he has John D in either the mystery or history sections. If not, we'll have to tell him to carry the books!