Thursday, April 05, 2007

Travelogue Post One: Wine and Leisure in The Andes Mountain Region

As I posted yesterday, my husband just got back from a trip to Chile and Argentina, which are premiere wine regions. Jeff had the onerous task of touring vineyards and wineries and being fed lots of free food and wine. When I looked up the grape in my flower symbolism manual, I found that it was the "flower of drunkenness." Naturally, the grape is connected with Bacchus and all of his love of pleasure, but of course the true connosseiur cannot swallow the wine during a tasting, so Jeff remained (perhaps to his regret) sober throughout the trip.
He was able to take these remarkable photos, though, so that I can live vicariously through him--and now you can, too, if you wish. Here are some pictures of the Montes Winery in Chile, with the mighty Andes range in the background. The weather was sublime, I'm told, while here in Chicagoland it reached a new April low of 28 degrees and snow flurries scampered past the windowpanes.
As a writer, I'm impressed by all the potential for description here: the lush vineyards, the rich purple of the grapes, the musical dialogue of my husband's tour guide, who sounded, Jeff insists, "exactly like Ricardo Montalban."
In addition to that wonderful potential for dialogue study, he was traveling with a group of New Yorkers who had their own colorful way of commenting on the tour. Jeff had a terrific trip, although he had nothing but bad things to say about the airport and one airline in particular. More on that later--that will come under the heading of "characterization." :)

More gorgeous pictures to follow!

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