Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas comes tonight. My boys are too old for him, really, but he kindly fills their boots anyway (and those are some jumbo boots these days).

He is the spirit of generosity that heralds the holidays, and he is a part of my tradition. My German mother ushered him into our lives, and we always woke to boots full of big brown walnuts and huge red apples, as well as little German chocolates and tiny gifties. In thirty years St. Nick hasn't changed all that much, although some of the wee toys are quite techno and modern.

Speaking of holidays, I believe my friend BILL CAMERON has some holiday give-aways going on. Check him out and win a free Christmas present.


Dani said...

You and me both! I can't have a Christmas without my Advent's Kranz either. Happy St. Nicholas Day to you, too, and may you have a few chocolate treats as well. We're never to old for that. :) I like mine wrapped around a nice fat bar of marzipan.


Julia Buckley said...

Ooooh, marzipan! It's funny you mention that, because we used to receive packages from Germany, and I only liked the chocolate covered kind. The other sort seems naked without the chocolate topping.

I also like Dobos Torte.