Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Envy is Powerful

My son recently captured this photo of our cats envying the dog, who gets to roam outside. It got me thinking of envy as a motive.

I think the dog had better watch his back. :)


DL said...

I see dual plots being hatched....And as much as I love beagles (we live with 2) I'd bet on the cats!

eric-mayer said...

Great shot.

"On the count of three we both push. You distract him. I'll attack from behind."

Julia Buckley said...

Haha. I agree, DL! Cats are wily, and cute as the dog is, he's very dumb. Dumber than average, I'd wager.

Eric, great caption. Maybe you and I can start a greeting card company. :)