Friday, April 25, 2008

Robert Fate Explains Some Things

Hello, Bob! Did you play the Shakespeare game? See the post below this one. If so, what’s your favorite insult?
Resign not thy day gig, thou loggerheaded dizzy-eyed scut.

Pretty good! Did you have a favorite insult BEFORE the Shakespearean one? I collect them.
You addle-brained, egg-sucking ferret.

Also good. I understand you’ve been working on a fourth book. Are you craving a vacation, or are you still writing happily?
Book four is coming along quite nicely, thanks. I would like more time to write, not less. It will be another cozy with a few brutal murders, and I’m calling it Baby Shark’s Jugglers at the Border.

If you did take a vacation in the proverbial “away from it all,” where would that away be?
Villa del Sol, Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Beach. Sun. Ocean. Solitude. Books. We arrive at the airport and a bus takes our fellow planeload of vacationers to the big hotels in Ixtapa. A taxi takes us to a small hotel on the beach in Zihuatanejo. We have taken our daughter Jenny there since she was six months old, 1 ½, 2 ½, 3 ½, 4 ½, etc. We have vacationed other places, but never with the same satisfaction as we have felt for our summers in Zihuatanejo.

You make it sound quite appealing. As a Californian, you must appreciate how nervous we Midwesterners were with our recent earthquake. Do West Coasters think we’re a bunch of babies?
Earthquakes are every day occurrences here, so everyone has a story. In January 1994, when Jenny had just turned six, the earthquake that was later called the Northridge Quake occurred. It was early morning. We were still in bed. The quake was strong enough to give our house a hard shake. Four of our neighbors had their chimneys shaken off their houses. We have three sets of clear glass double doors that make up the north wall of our living room. All were closed and locked. All were opened wide by the twisting the quake gave our house.

When we were waked by the rattle of the house and all its contents dancing about, our German shepherd headed for the bathtub where he always went during those things, and Fern and I leaped from our bed, each to a side, rushed out of our bedroom, down the hall, and into Jenny’s room. “She’s not here,” Fern cried out. “What? What are you saying?” I shouted.. “I’m here,” Jenny said rather sheepishly from our room. She had gotten between us during the night. We were all laughing before the house was finished creaking.

After checking on a couple of our older neighbors, we built a fire in the fireplace, fixed breakfast, and got our day started. When Fern and I are in different parts of the city, we telephone each other DURING the quake. AFTER the quake, the lines are jammed with calls.

Rock through a few more, Julia, and you’ll get the fatalistic hang of it.

Well, I'm hoping not to get that used to it, but okay.

Baby Shark is being made into a film, and on DorothyL there has been much talk of who should be cast in the roles. Did any of the ideas jump out at you? Do you want to play one of the roles yourself?

It is certain that the actress (or is that actor now?) that is cast in the role of Kristin Van Dijk will forever be the Kristin readers see in their mind’s eye. I have no idea who that will be, but assume it will be a woman in her mid to late twenties who can play from seventeen to nineteen. I know he is not the same size as Otis is written, but I sometimes think of Sam Elliot in that role. Henry will be an interesting character to cast, honest, savvy.

A role for me? Maybe one of the old geezers, especially the one who’s not too swift..

I tried to quiz people about your Baby Shark books to let them win a free one, but it sent them scurrying away. Is there an easier way for them to claim a free book?
Scared them away, did we? Well, howzabout this? Any of your readers that are interested in receiving a copy of High Plains Redemption should let you know. You put their names in a fedora, draw out five, and let me know their addresses. That should take care of the scaredicats.

Thank you, Julia, for the opportunity to chat. It’s always a pleasure to visit with you. Plus, it does my reputation a world of good to hang out for a while someplace so classy. Who knows? Maybe somebody will get the wrong idea about me – that couldn’t be bad.

Thanks, Robert.

Okay, readers, you heard him. I will choose between several fedoras, and you can contact me for a FREE BOOK!!!! What a great world. :)


Don Anderson said...

Hi, Julia,

Please put my name in the fedora for a copy of HIGH PLAINS REDEMPTION.

Julia Buckley said...

You've got it, Don!

Kaye Barley said...

Well Laws, I can hardly stand it. Two of my favorite people in the same cyber-spot. Miss Julia - you have done your usual delightful interview with yet another delightful person. Hi Bob! I'm a huge Robert Fate fan, and an ever bigger fan of Baby's. I've already read HIGH PLAINS REDEMPTION and I have to say, its my favorite of the three. I look forward to lots more. And Bob? See you in Baltimore!
All the best,

Carol said...

You're right, Kay -- this is the best one yet. Bob's characters are always memorable, but they just keep getting deeper and richer (the Smikes are a Wolfgang Puck dessert).

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Kaye and Carol! Robert Fate, are you getting these wonderfully flattering comments?

Merrill said...

Eegads, Bob!

Sam Elliot as Otis! SWOON.
I doubt that you'll have any pull, I mean, you're only the AUTHOR after all.


KRL said...

Hi, Kate:

I mean Julia! Sorry for the little Freudian slip there. (we're still on for the Western, right?) Put my name in the hat too, please. And then when Kaye isn't watching, put five more in with my name on it. I hardly ever win anything, but this time I feel lucky. Or it might might just be Fate, hehe.


I mean Ken!

Doc Cook said...

I've read High Plains and I think it is wonderful. I like to read it to my grandchildren at bedtime so they will have interesting dreams.

Seriously, can this guy get any better?

As for Otis I like the idea of John Goodman. A big man who is graceful and can exude menace when required.

Julia Buckley said...

Merlot, I hope Bob gets some input. You never know. Maybe he'll share his tales of Hollywood with us.

Doc, I do think these are terrific books--but I don't know about Goodman. Somehow I see Otis as a possible future love interest for Baby, despite their age differences, and John G doesn't seem right in that respect.

Robert Fate said...

Kaye - If I remember correctly, I am already on your dance card in Baltimore, and I am looking forward to it. Thanks for your kind comments about book 3. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Bob Fate

Robert Fate said...

Carol? Is that you Carol Baier? When is your book coming out? You let me read a chapter, got me totally hooked, and nothing since then. Dates? When?
Bob Fate

Robert Fate said...

Merlot, my dear, I make you a promise. If Sam lands the role, you have an introduction. Howzat stir your coffee? Best, Bob Fate

Robert Fate said...

Kent Wyatt Krl - I hope you win just from entering so many times alone. Good luck, pal. Bob Fate

Robert Fate said...

Doc Cook - Lemme see if I got this straight - you're reading the Baby Shark cozies to your grandkids? Holy Moly, what dreams they must have. Of course, I forgot to ask the ages of your grandkids - they could be adults, I suppose. Please tell me. Bob Fate

Jackie Houchin said...

I'm reading the Baby Shark books out of order - the 3rd one first. I also loved the Smikes (such interesting and diverse characters!). I also think that "Baby" should ditch the cop and go for Otis... so be sure to cast him well in the movie! Brian Dennehey? Too old? Let's see... how about the guy who plays Jack Malone on Without a Trace? Too thin? Hmmm. Seriously, great job Bob. Tell me "Baby" isn't patterned after your daughter.... OH, and by the way, I'm another beach lover - go there twice a year to read and maybe write for a week. Hubby stays at home to take care of the horses. Jackie

Carol said...

Yes, Bob, it is I.

Here's my road to a book shelf near you:

Get MS to my critique partners (early next week)
Then get MS to my agent (gathering cobwebs as she waits)
Agent sells it (cue "With a little bit of luck, with a little bit of luck...")

If only I could time travel :)

Kaye said...

Oh boy, my dance card is a thing of beauty, isn't it?!

Sam Elliott as Otis. Be still my heart.

Julia? You let Wyatt/Ken sneak in the door?! oh my. Just teasing - you know I love him and here's hoping he wins one of Bob's books, or I'll have to share mine with him.

Anita said...
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Anita said...

Well rats, I took too long to put my name in the fedora. That's OK, I know the book is wonderful. And not a misspelled word in the entire book! ;-) Great news about a Baby Shark movie. I'll sit down with my Dr Pepper and work on some casting ideas. I enjoyed the interview, Bob.

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Anita! But I bet Bob would send one more book to you.

Sheila Lowe said...

Has anyone suggested Jet Li for Henry?

The tough one to cast will be Jim : )


Julia Buckley said...

Great choice, Sheila! And nice to see you. :)

Tim Maleeny said...

Cannot wait for the new Baby Shark. Kristin is my kinda protagonist, and Robert Fate is a terrific writer.

Julia Buckley said...

Hi, Tim! We like Cape Weathers, too!