Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shakespearean Fun

This is the day generally agreed to be the birthday of famed playwright and poet William Shakespeare, and, as I mentioned in a previous post, he would be 444 years old today. Having read, studied and taught many of the works of Shakespeare, I can honestly say that his birthday has become important to me; it is a date I rarely forget.

In his honor, and in honor of his particular facility with language, I offer this game which will allow you to insult your enemies in Shakespearean style.

Try it at Pete Levin's Shakespearian Insults page, and let me know your favorite hand-picked insult.

Here is mine: "Lead apes in hell, thou goatish, onion-eyed jolthead!"


Jess Lourey said...

Ha! This is most certainly what I'm going to howl next time I'm cut off in traffic:

Remove thine ass hence, thou dankish hedge-born rudesby.

I LOVE "hedge-born." That is low.

Julia Buckley said...

Yes, that must have been a major concept in his time--we were reading Macbeth today, and one of the witches is holding the finger of a baby that was "ditch delivered by a drab," (a drab being a prostitute).

Makes you wonder if there were lots of ditch (or hedge) deliveries. :)