Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Fate Has in Store

Robert Fate has written a great new mystery, pictured here. I am lucky enough to have received five of those books, and I'd like to share the wealth.

For those of you who loved the first two in the Baby Shark series, you might enjoy this little Baby Shark quiz! Send me the answers (all or as many as you can get)and you can win the signed book Baby Shark's High Plains Redemption (which is not officially in bookstores until May).

I highly recommend the novel--I've read and enjoyed all three of Fate's mysteries.

Give it a try! (You can e me at julishka@sbcglobal.net)

Q - What is the name of the restaurant where Otis and
Kristin always order mesquite grilled porterhouse

Q - What is the name of Kristin's beautician?

Q - In Baby Shark, what language is spoken by
Scarecrow's girlfriend, Peggy?

Q - In Baby Shark, what is the name of the pool hall
across the street from Wilma's Cafe?

Q - What kind of hat does Otis wear?

Q - In Beaumont Blues, what is Virginia's real name?

Q - What breed of dog is Jim?

Q- How much weight did Kristin gain between books one and two?

Good luck, Baby Shark fans. I'll post the winners soon.

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