Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chicago Cop's Sentence Raises Questions of Justice

You may have already seen the video of the off-duty Chicago police officer who attacked a woman half his size because she, a bartender, refused to serve him any more drinks. It's certainly a well-known bit of tape here in Chicago.

Yesterday the attacker, Anthony Abbate, was sentenced to two years probation and anger management classes. He will receive no jail time.

The verdict has shocked many people, including me, but apparently it doesn't surprise those who have knowledge of the law. You can read their assessment here.

In my estimation, the verdict sends a terrible message, not only to abused women who are afraid to leave their abusers, but to abusers themselves. Isn't a judge allowed to give some token jail time, even thirty days, so that something of significance is communicated to those who would hurt those weaker than themselves?

Shouldn't more of a strict sentence be imposed upon a police officer who has sworn to protect the public?

In light of videotaped evidence of this man's contemptible actions, I am (for once) at a loss for words.

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