Saturday, June 06, 2009

Road Trips and Mysteries

We're taking a road trip today in the new Kia to attend my niece's graduation. We'll be in the car about eight hours round trip, so I got some books on tape from my library. I have Jonathan Gash's GOLD BY GEMINI; Robert B. Parker's WIDOW'S WALK; and Raymond Chandler's TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS (read by Elliott Gould). I didn't mean to only grab books by men, but my library didn't have a vast selection.

I'll have three teenage boys in the car with me (pray for me), so IF they let me listen to a book on tape without drowning it out with their yelling, they might just enjoy a hard-boiled kind of story.

In the meantime, I need to go do a bunch of squats so that my legs are prepared for hours of sitting. :)


Eric Mayer said...

Another Korean car owner -- so to say. I have a Hyundai. Has worked fine. Have a good trip. Too bad the autos don't come with a lifetime supply of free kimchi.

Julia Buckley said...

Eric, we drove 400 miles and it has taken me at least half of today to recover. I am not one for long-distance journeying. I have jobs to do, but then I might go back to bed. :)

And yes, so far I love the Kia.

Ankit Sethi said...

Nice story about mysterious trip.thanks for sharing this kind of mysterious stories.