Friday, January 18, 2008

Pondering Life in a Cone

With some reluctance, we took our cat Mr. Mulliner to be neutered this morning. He had to come back with this annoying cone on his head so that he won't bother his incision. He also can't be with his friends (our other pets) because THEY might bother his incision. Also the doctor tells us that they will not know each other because his scent has changed. He must be isolated for at least three days, in a room alone, in his cone.

To me, this would be a recipe for insanity; then again, I think I might glean some writing inspiration from cone life. But the enforced isolation would take some getting used to. Mulliner doesn't seem to know what's what quite yet. He's spending most of his time trying to remove the cone, but he also sits in the litter box and plays with the pellets. I'm hoping he'll remember what the litter box is actually for by the time he's interested in eating again.


Anonymous said...

I can see from his look he's saying, "Why didn't you neuter one of your characters instead?"

Julia Buckley said...

By this morning he had already removed the cone. My husband refuses to put it back on--he feels the cat's been through enough. :)

Pam Quimby said...

awww! The poor baby. I felt huge guilt after getting my kitty's uterus taken out. I felt I'd made a choice for my voiceless cat. But, it had to be done. The noises she was making all throughout the night were unbearable! So, bye-bye fertility. (:
She didn't have a cone though... that's crazy talk.

Julia Buckley said...

I know! Luckily he's back to being his old naughty self. And he almost looks the same in regard to his manhood, because as the vet herself said, he had "some mighty big cojones." :)

Now the little female faces surgery, but she has some complications and various tests before that happens. Meanwhile I'll have to get a second mortgage on my house to pay the bills for this five pound cat.