Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why Colds are Unproductive

I'm not sure where I caught this particular cold, but because I just feel like lying around, I'm behind in just about every facet of life. So I'm re-running a blog I did last year about Why Having a Cold Does Not Allow for a Productive Writing Life.

1. Blogging is easier than revising.

2. I want to take a nap.

3. While my mind is racing with things I need to do, phone calls I need to make, new toys I need to put away, dishes I need to wash, etcetera--my body mostly wants to sit in a chair.

4. The office is the coldest room in the house. I would rather be sitting ON the heater, inside a tub of hot tea.

5. I found my morning shower to be a difficult task.

6. I want to take a nap.

7. I need to make some sort of nutritious food, but I don't have the wherewithal to open cabinet doors and make decisions.

8. Upon reflection, the entire new writing project seems dumb.

9. The cat is sitting on me.

10. The children just popped in a movie--that's just about my speed.

Anyone else ever been in this bind?

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Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. Cats always want to "help" when you're sick.

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Eric. I do feel a bit better today. The biggest problem is that my lethargy is interfering with my self-imposed Wonder Woman health program. I am not walking briskly, and somehow colds increase my appetite. The scale will not approve. :)

Jessica Lourey said...

Ach! I'm sorry for your cold. I am of the mind, however, that we (especially you wonder women) overwork ourselves every other day of the year, so colds really just our nature's permission slip to wear pajamas all day and complain. Nothing else. Enjoy.

Julia Buckley said...

I did take a two hour nap yesterday. :) And my children watched television the entire time.