Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Page 99 Test: The Dark Backward

Marshal Zeringue kindly invited me to take the page 99 test with my novel The Dark Backward. The links can be viewed here and here.

Does it entice you? :)

Marshal also mentions my orphaned novel, Madeline Mann, which was cut by the publisher four weeks before its release, rendering my year and a half of promotion rather pointless and expensive. The book had received nice reviews from Kirkus and Library Journal, which Marshal generously pointed out.


Dani said...

I finally got the book, Julia! And free no less because Borders didn't get it in their promised seven days! I'm thoroughly enjoying it and wondering why it isn't a bestseller in today's world?! I mean, does it hit close to home? Gee.


Stop by and read about new author, Dana Fredsti, and The Peruvian Pigeon.

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks so much, Dani! You made my day.

And yes, the more time goes by, the more this governor seems to have parallels to a certain other governor. :)

Maybe Hollywood will take notice. But I appreciate your comment!

Dani said...

Have you found a home for MM? I emailed you that Poisoned Pen Press was seeking mss in case you're interested.