Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In Search of Dawn

The other day I did a post on Inkspot, and I happened to mention, while we were discussing the sense of smell and its link to memory, that I remembered clearly the very distinctive aroma of a childhood doll of mine. It was called a Dawn doll, and if I ever smelled it again I would be awash in nostalgia. Dawn had an indescribably sweet smell--one that I link to childhood.

Sue Ann Jaffarian
then sent me a link she found about the doll, which I shall put here for any other women who happen to remember this doll from the early seventies. She was far more diminutive than Barbie, but there was something special about Dawn. She somehow was a woman for her time: she radiated independence as much as did Mary Tyler Moore in her famous hat-throwing scene. :)

I'm amazed, though, that pretty much anything you think is irretrievably lost to your past can quickly be reclaimed on the internet. It is truly a magical place!


Diana said...

Julia - I remember Dawn, I had one as a little girl. I loved her far more than my Barbie and I was crushed when my mother made me give Dawn to my younger sister to play with.
Thanks, Sue Ann (the consumate researcher!) for posting a link to Dawn!!

Diana James

Julia Buckley said...

How fun, Diana! Someday I will buy one for old times' sake.

Do you remember the scent of the doll?

Karen Olson said...

I found a Dawn doll a few years back for my daughter. It was the same doll, with the same groovy clothes. I loved her when I was a kid, and she was much smaller than Barbie and could fit in the dollhouse.

Julia Buckley said...

And like all of the toys we feel nostalgic for, she has probably tripled in price! I mean, how much were Dawn dolls when we were kids? A few dollars?