Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tea Most Cozy

In the tradition of cozy mysteries everywhere, my sister, my mother and I enjoyed a lovely tea today at a Bed and Breakfast in town. The building was built in 1890, and sipping our Earl Gray in the dark-panelled dining room felt a bit like going back to a more genteel time. We dined on light salads and the luscious desserts above, as well as lots of tea.

Naturally I was thinking of mysteries set in Bed and Breakfasts (and there are quite a few!), but also some classic whodunits like Christie's THE BODY IN THE LIBRARY, in which the wealthy couple is confronted, not by eggs and kippers on the sideboard, but by a young blonde corpse they've never seen before.

In any case, a change of scenery really gets those creative juices flowing. And if you're looking for a summer treat, I recommend High Tea with the female friends of your choice!

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©Hotbutton Press said...

And some male friends, too. My hubby loves a good spot of tea in loverly surroundings. ;)
Watch for an email from me soon. Happy day!