Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Wonder Woman Update

Long ago I posted my Wonder Woman plan for getting into shape. It didn't really succeed while I was immersed in my work life--but this summer I began again. Thanks to my monk-like abstinence and some increased exercise, I am down almost eight pounds. However, my scale seems to be stuck in that position. If anyone has some suggestions for shaving off the pounds, let me know. I'm trying to reach that first ten-pound goal.

The biggest obstacle at this point is that it's about 90 degrees and humid, and the hot air and I get along about as well as T-Rex and Triceratops (my sons tell me that analagy is valid). My basic desire right now is to lie on the floor in front of the fan.

But Wonder Woman doesn't quit, and neither shall I! Share your ideas, or let me know if you want to join my crusade. I'll be in front of the fan.


Anonymous said...

If you're anywhere near get involved in this:

Kids love it too.

Julia Buckley said...

Mysterious! I will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Patience. I started my quest in January. Merely by changing my eating habits, I've dropped 25 pounds in six months. NOTE: SIX months. That is 4 per month. I haven't increased the exercise one bit.

Yes, plateaus happen. But eventually they break. Do NOT go back to old habits. Stay the course. 3 meals, LOTS of water [I drink 2.5 liters/day], smaller portions, 1 fruit snack in the afternoon, spray oil for any 'frying', reduced oils use, reduced bread, no-fat milk, small portion lean meats, small potatoes, vegetables [my hardest thing except for beans and tomatoes], minimal pre-packaged foods [to avoid salt and sugar], and cook at home to know what is going in your mouth.

If you can't [define that for yourself] eat it, don't buy it. That includes chips, cookies, alcohol [except once in a while, empty calories].

It takes 21 days to change a habit. I've been on this for six months today and am quite content.

Good luck!!!

Julia Buckley said...

Wow! I am passing my Wonder Woman crown to you. You can give it back when I've lost as many pounds as you have. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Julia. I forgot to mention as well. Loss in pounds isn't the same as loss in percentage of your overall bodyweight. Exposing myself here [gulp] to show what I mean, 25 pounds for me is 10% of my original bodyweight. 8 pounds for you is relative to what you started with. That is one of the reasons Biggest Loser compare percentages instead of just pounds.

I went into *that* stage of life and I think my body is still adjusting to the new hormone combinations. I had to make a decision to change what I was doing [putting in my mouth]. Now I'm below what I was when I was swimming 3 days a week in water aerobics. Then I was firming, but wasn't losing a thing with quite strenuous workouts. As I'm not an 'exercise junky', and more a couch potato, it's pretty incredible how food intake can make such a difference. It's also one of the reason many Biggest Loser contestants go back to their pre-loss sizes -- the changes are unsustainable.

I'll stop blathering now. :-)

Julia Buckley said...

Really good points, and wise ones. Keep up the good work!