Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blogging about Talking about Blogging

Sunday found me back at Centuries and Sleuths bookstore in Forest Park, where Libby Hellmann and I gave a presentation on blogging to the Midwest Chapter of the MWA. Mostly we discussed the advantages/disadvantages for a mystery writer who might wish to use the blog as a way of becoming known to potential readers.

Libby, of course, blogs at The Outfit, and I blog here. My take on blogs is that they are a good thing, a positive thing, and certainly a valid forum for expression. I've come to enjoy my own blog, and for that reason alone I would keep it going, whether it sells my books or not. Still, hope springs eternal in the writer's heart. :)

That's mystery writer and MWA Vice President Julie Hyzy standing on the left, by the way. Julie had just visited the Cook County Morgue, and was sharing the interesting details. Only in the mystery world, eh?

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