Friday, January 08, 2010

Snow Day

I got the call at 5:30 this morning that school was closed--no teaching today. If you think that only young people feel jubilant to hear the "no school" message, think again. No school! It's a lovely surprise of an extra day.

The difference is found between the ways young people and older people spend that time. For gradeschoolers, I imagine it's about making snowmen and throwing snowballs. For teens, it's a day to sit around and Facebook or write endless text messages from the warmth of home.

For adults--at least for me--it's a treat because I can spead my chores over three days instead of two. So yes, I'll still be grading papers and paying bills, but I have more TIME to do those things, so I'll find unexpected pockets--little moment gifts--in which I can read or write or even watch a movie.

That's a rarity, and a bright blossom in the cold of winter.

(I took the photo in 2006 in Sinsinawa, Wisconson).

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