Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Impact of Writing

For all you writers and aspiring writers out there:

9TH ANNUAL FUNDSFORWRITERS ESSAY CONTEST and Literary Database team up to co-sponsor the 9th Annual FundsforWriters Essay Contest.

Theme: Writing that made a difference.

Both entry fee and no entry fee categories. First place winner receives $300. Six awards given. Limit 750 words. Deadline October 31, 2010. Winners announced December 1, 2010. /


Carola Rummens said...

I like writing so much. I am reading a lot. I am a librarian of profassion by strat (now I am working in another profession) Want to write my own detective, But how do I start Julia? I am serious, thought about it a lot but how do you become a writer. Loving books is not enough I think!!

Julia Buckley said...

I think it starts with a really good idea for a story. You can fine-tune all of the other things later, but underneath them all has to be a compelling tale.