Monday, February 05, 2007

Interesting People, Interesting Plotlines

I was lucky enough to view a panel at LIM about the writing of violence. The two gentlemen above, Marcus Sakey and Ken Bruen, were notable members of the panel, although they were both mild-mannered and extremely funny, and hardly the type one would think would write violent books. Someone in the audience asked if the writing of violence were in any way similar to the writing of a sex scene. Marcus Sakey pointed out that there was a sex panel right down the hall, "And ya'll are sitting here." Good point, Marcus.

At right is the lovely Tasha Alexander; at left is a fan whose name I forgot to jot down. Sorry!
Phil Locascio was on a newcomers panel with me; he is not entirely a newcomer, as he's written several horror titles. His books sounded intriguing, as his focus is always on characters with a moral dilemma--rather Stephen King-esque, I thought. I will have to look up Phil's book THE SINS OF ORVILLE SAND. So many good books at this conference . . .
I was thrilled to be at the same dinner table as the beloved Charlaine Harris and the sweet Jeanne Stein. Jeanne was also on a panel with me (in fact I spilled water on her--I like to baptize all of my fellow members). Charlaine had done a luncheon interview with Nancy Pickard that was downright hilarious, and I was thrilled to get a chance to chat with her.
Here are Shane Gericke (who warned me about spilling the water, but would I listen?) and Jeff Markowitz, whose setting of the Pine Barrens sounded downright fascinating. I'll have to check out his book, too: A MINOR CASE OF MURDER.


Robert Fate said...

Julia -

I was at LCC. Thanks for the great pix. It is nice to see what was happening where you were.

Julia Buckley said...

I missed you, Bob! When will you be signing in Chicagoland? :)

Anonymous said...

I had a great time at LIM. It was a pleasure to meet you. (You can find my blog at

Jeff Markowitz said...

After visiting this morning, i decided that perhaps I needed a blog here as well as on xanga, so you can now find me here.

Julia Buckley said...

Welcome, Jeff. I'll have to check out the blogs this weekend. How's the writing going?