Thursday, June 26, 2008

Portrait of an Artist

Today is the birthday of Pamela Quimby, one of the only artists I've ever known. It seems her career (as artist and art teacher) was inevitable, because she has such style and flair and joie de vivre that I really can't imagine her in any other context.

Pam is one of those multi-talented people who makes doing twenty things at once look effortless, and whose meticulous artwork and eye for detail make me envious of her talents. She's not limited to right-brain capabilities, though--she was originally going to major in math or economics or something.

Pam loves the color yellow and uses it creatively in her work; you can see her artist's webpage here. Scroll down to see her lovely paintings of Ohio landscapes and trees--she captures the American Midwest in subtle and simple hues.

Pam herself is a work of art, which I hope she is celebrating on this day of her birth.

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