Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Mysterious Day

I spent the morning with my summer school students. There are nine of them signed up for my Mystery Writing class, and their mysteries are really shaping up. They have great titles like The Tower Mystery, A Formal Death, Kidnapping in Kensington. The Graphic Design class down the hall is designing the covers for these mini-books. The results will be quite impressive, I think.

Never mind the fact that the copy of The Big Sleep which I rented to show them ended up having a giant scratch on it, rendering it unreadable by the DVD, or that the clips I tried to show on YouTube were also unavailable because the school cut off access. We still managed to make it through the morning doing other mysterious activities. :)

When I got home my dog met me resentfully at the gate. He is not so much mysterious as annoying; he is not pleased when I leave. You might also notice the Mystery of the Missing Garden Brick, which I attribute to the two adolescent boys who will NOT leave their mother's things alone, which is in itself a motive for murder on a hot day. (And that brick is a potential murder weapon for some future novel).

Anyway, once inside I read my mail and found a postcard for a new book: Michael Beres' The Chernobyl Murders, with a glowing blurb from Gail Lynds. I may have to make another rapid trip to the library, although I haven't yet finished my last little pile of borrowed books. When will I find time to read? That, too, is a mystery.

(Top photo: the honeysuckle on my garden gate. If you inhale deeply, you can smell it).


Anonymous said...

I luv honeysuckle. Ahhhhhhhh....

Are you sure the disgruntled mutt didn't hide the brick?

And I'm glad to know you also use the library to try out new authors. I was feeling a bit guilty about checking out The Dark Backward instead of buying it.

Julia Buckley said...

Hey, a reader is a reader. And there's no more wonderful place than a library.

Amy said...

How cool that you teach a mystery writing class to teens. I love the cover design aspect also. You're inspiring the next generation of great writing.

I hope you are working on your own great writing too!

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Amy. That's good to hear, because the kids don't offer much in the way of feedback. :)

I am working on a new book this summer--one which is finally starting to come together, so we'll see if I can sell it in the fall . . .