Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fate's New Mystery

Baby Shark is back in Robert Fate's fourth mystery, Baby Shark's Jugglers at the Border. I always enjoy Robert Fate's writing, which is spare and tough and funny, but I especially enjoy the character of Kristin Van Dijk, who ever refuses to be a victim in a world of bad men.

Thank goodness for the two good men in her life--her partner Otis and her friend Henry.

In this mystery, Otis's long-estranged wife Dixie ends up dead, and Otis wants to know who did it and why. And when he finds out, with the help of his partner, he intends to take justice into his own hands.

I love the character of Otis and he has some of the best lines in the whole book, but it's Kristin who remains front and center. The baby shark is growing up and her teeth are getting sharper.

Also there's a wonderful sense of time period here with all of the 50s era Texas details--particularly a delightful chase scene set on a train.

Loved it!

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