Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Favorite Interviews

Julia Spencer-Fleming, Thomas H. Cook, Megan Abbott, Robert Wilson, Bob Morris, Marcus Sakey, Craig Johnson, Cornelia Read, Tim Cockey and more wonderful mystery authors were the names I rediscovered while making design changes to the blog. In celebration of some of those fun conversations, I am noting them here for easy access.

Bestselling crime writer Robert Wilson chatted with me about, among other things, the beauty of Africa and his home and office in Portugal.

I talked with Tim Cockey after reading one of his books, THE HEARSE YOU CAME IN ON, and laughing out loud on every other page, mostly because of the wry observations of his hero, Hitchcock Sewell.

Robert Fate is always terrific interview fodder because he's done so many fascinating things--most recently creating the BABY SHARK mystery series.

Marcus Sakey, a fellow Chicago-area author, has a great sense of humor, which is evident in this interview.

Julia Spencer Fleming's books are a huge success; she responds very modestly about them, suggesting that she leads a life "of surpassing dullness." :)

Cornelia Read denies looking anything like Grace Kelly in her interview.

Bob Morris is recuperating this summer from a dumbwaiter accident. It sounds funny, but it wasn't. In any case, he has more interesting things to say in our chat, in which he mentions his relationship with Dave Barry.

Megan Abbott reminds me of Dorothy Parker in this stylish photo; she suggested that the photographer was going for just that sort of New York image.

Thomas H. Cook's RED LEAVES haunted me; too bad I read it after this interview, or I would have asked more about it.

Craig Johnson's mysteries were one of my great recent discoveries. He is as charming in this interview as his protagonist, Walt Longmire, is in Johnson's western-set novels.