Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Letter from a Wealthy Nigerian

To whomever may have written to me in the last many hours: I didn't get your e-mail. Some anonymous cyberbot hacked into my account, appropriated my e-mail address, and sent out those Nigerian spam mails, changing the name on my account to "Mrs. Jackie Freddie." If you got one, forgive me. I had no idea.

They also managed to divert all of my incoming mail, perhaps so that they could steal all the addresses. Can I find out who wrote to me in those hours? I asked the web support people? No way, they said.

So my e-mail is in limbo and my password has been changed in hopes that this won't happen again.

Meanwhile, evil geniuses continue to hack into what is not theirs in order to try to make money.

As Maxwell Smart would say, If only they used their genius for niceness, instead of evil.