Thursday, July 22, 2010

Farewell to a Jazzman

My father-in-law passed away early this morning. He was a Chicago legend, a jazz deejay popular with true jazz fans; I can't even begin yet to formulate a tribute to him. Much to our family's pleasure, Chicago is making the tributes for us.

According to the Chicago Tribune, "Author-broadcaster Studs Terkel once told the Tribune, "Dick is in the tradition of the old-time jazz critics I loved so much. There's always that thread running through Dick's commentary, the connection of past and present, respect for those long gone." "

WBEZ, his employer for more than 30 years, wrote in their tribute, "If microphones could speak, they would sing the praises of Dick Buckley."

And Justin Kaufmann of Vocalo said that "He was the gold standard for music radio in Chicago."

Best of all are the comments from the fans--many, many comments from people who listened to his show way back in the 70s and became loyal followers of Dick's "Jazz Showcase." As one of my friends put it today, "Everything I know about jazz, I learned from Dick Buckley. Everything."

Nothing is more comforting in a time of loss than the knowledge that your loved one will be remembered. Based on what we're reading, Dick will be remembered by many.


Eric Mayer said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. Sounds like he made a real contribution to the world which is about the best any of us can hope for.

Julia Buckley said...

So true, Eric. This is a man who will be remembered, and that is very comforting.

It reminds me of Twain's quote about living in such a way that when you die, even the undertaker is sorry.

Picks by Pat said...

I'm from the east coast, so I never got to listen to your father-in-law, but I'm a big fan of jazz. I'm sure many people are sad to see him go. Accept my deepest sympathies.

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Pat. There's a great clip of him on You Tube--just type in Dick Buckley.

Jody said...

I'm just getting caught up on some of the blogs I read regularly. I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law. My sympathies to all your family.

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks so much, Jody. I'll pass that on to the family.