Saturday, June 16, 2007

Meeting Two Favorite Writers on My Own Turf: Shane Gericke and Tim Maleeny

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I was really happy that two of my favorite writers came to do a reading in Chicagoland at Centuries and Sleuths Bookstore in Forest Park. It couldn't get much more convenient! Yet here I was lucky enough to be able to sit and listen to Tim Maleeny--whose first book, Stealing the Dragon, has been stealing a great deal of attention in the publishing world--and Tim could not be a nicer guy. He told us some interesting tales about writing his first book and his experience living in San Francisco, right near the China Town location which features so prominently in this first Cape Weathers mystery. I've interviewed Tim before on this blog; to read the interview, click here: Tim's interview.

Shane has also been interviewed here (click Shane's interview) and is a noted best-selling author of two novels starring Naperville Illinois police detective Emily Thompson, who battles serial killers. The beginning of Shane's new book, Cut to the Bone, is a chilling description of an electrocution, and Shane discussed some of the research that he's done for his series, including reading about the history of electrocution and going on drive-alongs with the Naperville police.

Both writers agreed that while the research is interesting, it is sometimes possible to become so consumed by the research that they have to remind themselves to get back to the book, to the story, and to press on with their creative visions.

It's always interesting to hear authors talk about their methods and their challenges, and especially about the things that spark creativity. I'm looking forward to reading both of these books this summer!

What are you reading now?


Anonymous said...

I am just finishing FOX EVIL by Minette Walters. She's a British author new to me, but known for her mysteries and crime novels. FOX EVIL was her No. 1 bestseller, but she has also written eight previous novels. I couldn't put FOX EVIL down. It's about a wealthy landowner in Dorset, England, whose wife dies under unusual circumstances. The book is full of gossip, intrigue, family secrets and many twists and turns. And, true for anyone who has been to England, like the country, the book sometimes makes you think the story takes place possibly 80-100 years ago, when in reality the setting is current times. It's a fast read because you literally don't want to stop reading it. My friend is leaving for a barge trip down the Thames next week, and I'm passing FOX EVIL to her the trip.
Mary Beth

Anonymous said...

Ok, so this is strange...I couldn't figure out why Shane looked so familiar. So, I went on his website to get his background and it ends up he worked for the Frankfort Herald that became Star Publications, which is where I started. Next time you see him, ask him if he remembers Denny Wheeler, who lived in Lincoln Estates, Ed Czerwinski, who lived in Mokena. The world is getting smaller!
Mary Beth

Julia Buckley said...

Oh my gosh, Mary Beth! The coincidences never end in blog world. That is where Shane got his start. You should come to his next signing! In fact, I'm going to tell him to read this blog and your comments right now! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mary Beth! Yes, I remember Denny and Ed very well. Denny lived in our neighborhood, on 80th Avenue in Lincoln Estates, and I worked for Ed as a sportswriter my senior year of high school. Both were terrific, and very kind to this pushy, nosy kid who wanted to make it in journalism :-) When did you work there, and what did you do?


Anonymous said...

I was there in the early 80's, after the Herald group was bought by Star Publications of Chicago Heights. I worked out of the Oak Forest office first as a stringer, then as an education reporter and then I became editor of the Palos Star, when Chuck Stanley left. I later when on to work as a publications editor at a suburban hospital and then as PR director of the same hospital. HOWEVER, I also have to tell you I think I've met or at least seen you and did a double-take like where do I know this guy from...he looks so familiar, in the recent past. You know, it's like when you go to a huge neighborhood Christmas open house, or a high school athletic event or in a store and you see someone and say to yourself, "Boy, he looks familiar!" And then for days after you keep trying to place the occasion. That's how I felt when I saw your photo on this blog. I even asked my husband to take a look at your photo to see if I could jog his memory. I'll let you know if my memory comes up with a time/place. Do you frequent Delavan, WI? It could be there. Anyway, it was fun to find someone who remembered Denny and Ed. I haven't seen or heard from them in years.
I do plan to get copies of your books.
Mary Beth