Monday, June 11, 2007

Taking a Writing Day

This is the first day of my vacation; aside from cleaning out my sons' closet, I don't have any big plans--EXCEPT for this: my writing has fallen by the wayside, and summer will be the time to reclaim it. Today will be a writing day.

Wouldn't that make a neat holiday? A day on which everyone was encouraged to sit and think and write? I wonder if that would improve the state of things, or if it would just rile things up. Kafka wrote that "a book should be an ice pick to break up the frozen sea within us." I think writing can have the same effect.

So I'll work at pulling ideas from my own frozen sea.



Anonymous said...

Yes, a holiday to sit and think and write would appeal to me, but I expect most people would prefer to go to work instead.

By the way -- where did you find my old typewriter...?

Julia Buckley said...

You never know. Although, come to think of it, whenever I assign writing at school, the girls are stymied. "Why?" they ask, as though it's not an English class.

Yes, my old one looked like this, too!