Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Preponderance of Penguins

I can't help but notice the overwhelming number of penguins in popular books and movies today. Once again it seems that Hollywood has taken a concept and tried to use it to death. Cute as they may be (including the one above, which I photographed at Brookfield Zoo), I'm a little tired of penguins. Are there not other creatures in the world? Some, perhaps, that we have never seen or heard about?

Then again, there is always the if-you-can't-beat-em-join-em mentality. I could write a mystery with a penguin protagonist; perhaps some bandwagon type would snatch it right up and sell it to kiddies in time for Christmas.

Am I wrong? Am I unfairly slandering penguins? Let me know your thoughts on penguin p.r. :)


Anonymous said...

Penguins have been big in this household for years and we're a bit miffed to see them "taken over" by the mass media!

Hey...a good review from Kirkus! Well done. We were happy just to survive Kirkus.

Julia Buckley said...

Well, Eric, I feel rather the same way about Kirkus. Talk about relief.

Yes, it's almost as though the powers that be have tainted penguins for me. :)