Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Autumn, You are Welcome Any Time

I realize that soon the summer heat will be a thing of the past. The cold autumn winds will force us to close the windows, and we'll wonder where the warm days went. Yet after this summer, I can't help but think I'll welcome those bitter winds. Sure, today is supposed to be the last scorcher for a while, but until the air grows cooler I fear that all inspiration to write will simply melt inside me.

So I say, bring on the yellow leaves, the orchards sagging with fall fruit, the woodsmoke and the football games. I'm ready, and I'm willing.


Anonymous said...

You keep putting in the most amazing photos. Do you take all the pictures or are you just lucky to find such great ones?


Julia Buckley said...

Hi, Jody!

I take a lot of them; I took this one in Springfield, Illinois last summer when we went there on a little jaunt. I just saw these by the side of the road and insisted that we pull over. :) I have a whole series of them if you'd like me to send them. They make pretty screensavers.

If I borrow a pic from yahoo images I put the photo credit down below (I forgot a couple of times) so that I can give credit to the original source.

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for fall but not the winter that follows. How about mixing it up a little? A snowstorm after it gets to 95, then it all melts before the weekend and we get two days of autumn?

Julia Buckley said...

Oh, you're right, Eric. Fall is so wonderful, but what follows, at least after the first couple of magical snows, is just yucky. As you may recall I did my fair share of crabbing about winter, too.

But lovely fall and spring--I'll never complain about those two seasons. You know what happens when April showers come your way. :)